4 tips to care for chemically treated hair during the monsoon

4 tips for caring for chemically treated hair during the monsoon

Who does not love getting drenched in the rain without a care in the world? But, this happiness is short-lived once you’re left dealing with frizzy, brittle and unruly hair due to increased humidity and toxins in the rainwater. Aaaand this issue becomes 10x worse for those with chemically treated hair. But with the right care and a few fantastic tips, it is indeed possible to ensure that your hair remains perfectly healthy and lustrous throughout the monsoon season.

Use SLS and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner.

Rainwater can wreak havoc on chemically-treated strands — it strips the hair of moisture and leaves it looking frizzy and rough; therefore, it is essential to be mindful of the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use. Ensure that you use a colour protecting, SLS and silicone-free shampoo as they’re gentle, prevent frizz and keep your hair looking healthy without fading off your hair colour. Also, don’t forget to condition your hair after every wash to keep your locks smooth and nourished.

Oil your hair regularly.

Pampering your tresses to a hot oil massage before every hair wash will ensure that your strands remain nourished — and colour, vibrant and fresh. A hot oil massage can stimulate dormant hair follicles, keep your scalp moisturised and save you from bad hair days.

Follow a healthy diet.

Your hair is what you eat. Following a healthy diet will go a long way in keeping your hair looking healthy and robust. Include omega-3 fatty acids, which you can find in such foods as salmon and flaxseed, in your diet to combat dry, brittle hair and restore shine. Also, adding protein-rich foods such as nuts, lean meat, fish, and leafy greens will do a world of good to your hair.

Apply a hydrating hair mask

Hair masks are super beneficial for dry, damaged and brittle hair. Plus, hair that has been colour-treated needs deep conditioning to keep the vibrancy of the hair colour intact for as long as possible. Apply a colour protecting, profoundly hydrating hair mask at least twice a week. Psst… make sure you tuck your hair into a shower cap and apply heat on the outside — using a blow dryer or steamer — to allow the product to penetrate better and give you softer, shinier hair.

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