5 eye makeup application tips to follow if you have shaky hands

5 eye makeup tips to follow you probably have shaky hands

There are 5 eye makeup tips to follow. To use eyeshadow completely, having steady hands is absolutely necessary. Whether it’s getting a smooth winged eyeliner, mixing two eye shadows, or defining your crease, achieving stunning results with shaky hands can turn into a bit difficult. Nevertheless, there is a way to get the precise impact you want without much hassle. In this article, we’ve listed a few suggestions and tips that could make application simpler once you have shaky hands.

01. Begin with eye make-up first

Firstly, eye makeup tips to follow. If you tend to have shaky hands, it might be a good idea, to begin with, your eye make-up first. After applying your eye makeup, it is best to apply face powder. The reason for this is because if the remainder of your face remains to be bare, correcting errors or re-applying make-up if desired might be troublesome. Next, take a couple of cotton swabs and a mild face cleaning product, similar to the Easy Blemish Removing Water by Neutrogena, which will make your eye make-up simple to clean up after you have finished applying it.

02. Use grip-friendly products for eye makeup tips

Second and most important eye makeup tips to follow. Shaky hands can develop with age or from the way you do your job. Use products designed to be ergonomic, with thicker packaging, ridged edges, or a rubber grip. Grip-friendly products are an effective way to improve the grip of the product and help you hold it with comfort. These make holding onto the product while also keeping its original smooth texture.

03. Plan your looks beforehand

Practice your makeup and hair beforehand to prevent shaky hands. When you have a great look in mind, it makes you feel extra confident and prevents shaky hands. Make sure the look you plan to put on is something you can recreate yourself. You want to be familiar with your look beforehand to don’t have shaky hands-on D-day and inevitably forget a step.

04. Create a comfortable setting

It’s a great idea to make your environment as professional and comfortable as possible. First, try taking deep breaths (count three) or using your relaxation technique while doing your makeup. By sitting on a comfortable chair or couch, wear clothes that you feel good in. It’s also important to have light coming from the left so you can see clearly when you look in the mirror. Position your mirrors at an angle where you can see yourself.

05. Use suitable tools for eye makeup tips

If you have shaky hands, the right tools can help make your makeup application smoother. Longer handle brushes will help you hold the comb comfortably and with less stress. Makeup tools must cohere to your style; don’t hesitate to experiment to find the set right for you.

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