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How to recreate Jennifer Lopez’s bombshell hairstyle

How to recreate Jennifer Lopez’s bombshell hairstyle

How to recreate Jennifer Lopez’s bombshell hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez has been having fun with a 90s hair renaissance because the previous couple of months, and we’re entirely having fun with it. Her most up-to-date hairdo is a voluminous 90s supermodel blowout that can put all different toned down and modern hairstyles to disgrace. It reminds us of the 90s magnificence look of getting massive full hair, and everyone from supermodel Cindy Crawford to stars on the smash hit present Baywatch was sporting it. The key to understanding this hairdo lies in perfecting your blow-drying expertise, and now we have step-by-step information proper right here that can assist you out…

Step 01: Begin with barely damp hair — comb out all of the knots and tangles, and spritz some water in your mane from root to the ideas.

Step 02: Prep the hair utilizing two styling merchandise — a volumizing spray for the roots and a smoothing spray for the ends. Apply them in small sections and, as soon as accomplished, brush out with a cushioned paddle brush to evenly distribute the merchandise via your hair.

Step 03: Subsequent, use an excessive-powered hairdryer, with a large nozzle connected, and abroad, spherical bristle brush. Earlier than you begin styling with the bristle brush, blow-dry your hair downwards for about 30 seconds, bouncing the strands in-between your fingers.

Step 04: With a tail comb, distribute your hair into 4 equal sections and use crocodile clips to carry them aside.

Step 05: Begin blow drying your hair with the bristle brush positioned below one part of your hair. Blast the hair in a sizzling setting downwards, blow-drying it straight until it’s 90% dry. As soon as accomplished, roll up the part within the brush and blow-dry on the serene setting. Give attention to lifting the hair from the roots for that shiny and bouncy end.

Step 06: When you’re accomplished blow-drying the part, wrap it around your finger in a big coil and safe with a silver hairpin. Dry the remainder of the sections and do the identical. Maintain the clasps in for five minutes to let your hair set within the voluminous waves.

Step 07: Take away the hairpins and shake up your hair. Add some rollers in your hair, putting them below your nose. You can do this in an informal method because the bends will be manipulated to fall any which approach you to need. Depart the rollers in for 10-15 minutes to let the waves set.

Step 08: Take the rollers out and brush your hair with a spherical paddle brush. Tease it along with your fingers, scrunch it a few occasions to add as a lot physique to it as you’ll be able to. For the bend within the font, use a tail comb and barely backcomb close to the roots, don’t go all the best way to the ends.

Step 09: Final, however, not the least, tease the entrance part of your hair to provide it that 90s carry. Use a tail comb, take a piece of hair from the entrance and barely again comb it and voila — a 90s bombshell blowout proper there!

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