Psychological Facts About Life

There are some interesting Psychological facts about life which are very useful in your daily life. You can call it life hacking techniques.

psychological facts about life

1. The Music Therapy

Research in America about psychological facts about life that shows average American listen music 5 hours in a day. Psychologist believes that which kind of music you listen your emotions will become the same. Such as if you listen sad music every time your emotions will be sad. And if you listen fast music you will be more energetic. When we listen any music our mind start working in the same music way. Music change our emotions and connect with us. However, music effects on our observation powers. That is why psychologist says that listen motivational music for broken heart. Try to listen positive music rather than sad song. Music is very effective tools for ready to any situation.

2. Do not Announce your Goal

We already heard that never share our goals to anyone until its completed. And some people do not believe it. But if you believe in science, and many people heard about it if you reveal your goal and tell to someone so your mind lost motivation. And your mentally level and energy decrease in goal works.

3. the more you spend on others the happier you are

Psychologist noticed that when we spend money on others rather than our self. And this happiness more than spend money our self. That is why many rich people like Bill Gates spends 75% of their money spend on others and donate. You can try this.

4. Last person thing before you sleep

However, when we sleep and the last person comes to your mind before just sleep its very important for us. And we have very strong relations with that person. If this emotions are happy so never hurt that person or these emotions are sad so try to overcome these issue because life is too short for being sad. If you feel sad all the time you can miss tons of beautiful girls who around you.

5. Spend time with positive poeple

We heard from our childhood that if we have good and positive friends so our mind has positive thoughts too. And if we have bad company we will think bad obviously. Try to spend time with positive people it has more energy one positive thoughts eliminate thousand of negative thoughts. If you have positive friends and family so you are lucky.

6. Money can buy Happiness

If you have extra money you are more happy. But finance can provide temporary happiness. Psychologist research on 100 people and find whoever doing job or business they are much happy and every year their earning increased but their happiness remain same and they said happiness and money there is no relation between them.

7. Native language make your decision more logical

If you think in your native language so you can take more better decisions. Because you feel more better and secure in your native language your mind is fully prepare and more quickly to get in childhood language.

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