Healthy Summer Season Exercises

Firstly, If we look at this year, it is totally different due to Covid-19. Undoubtedly, every country has strict precautions during Covid, and masks are necessary. So, you are already taking all precautions in summer. You need to better repertoire yourself. There are some ways to avoid summer workout dangers.

There are 15 simple ways to avoid summer workout dangers, and these steps you must follow if you care about your life.

1. Skip High Sunlight Outdoor Workouts

First of all, manage your outdoor workouts from 10 am to 3pm because sunlight is very high at that time. So it is a good idea to do exercise at that time indoors. You need to plan outdoor activities like bike riding, suffering, running, and swimming in the morning and evening. However, if you follow this routine, you will be safe from direct UV rays of sunlight. Most of the skin is deceased, which mainly occurs from sunlight. On the other hand, you need reflective dresses like safety labor wears at nighttime. Undoubtedly, workouts in the evening can prevent sunburns and skin aging issues.

2. Do not forget to protect your eyes

Indeed polarized sunglasses are the best to prevent the sun’s glare and help you keep your eyes on the road. When you are riding your bike and surfing on the beach. It will also prevent squinting in the sun, which can cause premature wrinkles, reducing the risk of UV rays in your eyes and weakening your eyesight. To be sure, buy the right glasses.

3. Be Careful with Dehydration to Avoid Summer Workout Dangers

Undoubtedly, dehydration is the main thing you need to be alert for during outdoor workouts in the summer. You need to drink plenty of water. Otherwise, you can get dehydrated and suffer from sunlight, headache, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Secondly, you must prepare for dehydration during and after exercise, especially in the summer. Every person should consume 20 ounces of water before two hours on the research. And 10 ounces of water every 20 minutes during exercise. This water is enough for your body, and you can avoid summer workout dangers by following this.

4. Build up to longer outdoor workouts in the Heat

There are approximately 658 deaths due to heat exposure each year. But these deaths can be prevented if we avoid summer workout dangers. We all are at risk of heat exposure, whether we are in the pool or participating in some sort of physical activity. However, if you want to build up your tolerance to exercising in Heat over time.

When it comes to acclimating to the Heat, exposure should be limited initially and gradually increased over some time. It can take 2 weeks to adjust to the Heat. Undoubtedly, slowly increasing the amount of time spent outside over a period will allow your body to adapt to the Heat, decreasing the risk of heat-related dangers.

5. Using Sun-Block during workouts to Avoid Summer Workout Dangers

Mostly, people think that sunblock is only for the beach and pools and forget it in everyday routines when they go outside for workouts. For example, a golf ball-sized amount is needed to cover the exposed body for an elder, and a tiny amount for the face, ears, and neck is required. But you have to re-apply sunblock every two hours. On the other hand, if you are more sweaty, you need to wear a hat. This can help cover your face and prevent sunblock from dripping into your eyes.

6. Pay attention to air quality index alerts

The air is also the main factor when you are outdoor workouts. However, the worst is ground-level ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. In Summer, thanks to Heat and humidity. However, Poor air quality reduces your stamina, and lungs can decrease their functions. When you feel the air is not good, try to work out at home.

7. Scope out terrain

Firstly, you have to search right place for workouts. Make sure you do not run on crowded streets where higher pollution levels. On the other hand, roads and roadways can be damaged in the summer season due to the sun heating the water that seeps into the street.

8. Eat right for dehydration prevention

Indeed, exercising in the summer season means you will be exerting more energy. While enough water drinking is essential to avoid summer workout dangers. However, if you exercise more, you need more power that means more food you need. In Summary, you need to increase your salt and sugar in your diet. Salty food help maintain electrolytes and reduce the chances of hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is a medical condition due to low sodium from drinking too much water.

9. Use the Buddy System

Some people workouts in small groups, especially in the summer months. Due to heat-related silliness like Heat, explore, and heatstroke can be easier to spot in someone else than they are to spot in yourself. Moreover, as your body tries to cool down itself, blood rushes away from essential organs. You can avoid workouts in summer dangers like headache, nausea, weakness, and more.

10. Take it slow to Avoid Summer Workout Dangers

Many people are super fit, but listening to your body when working out in the Heat is essential. When you feel dehydrated and uncomfortable, you might not make the best decisions and could be at risk. Even if you are an advance level athlete. Workout slows down and uses heart rate monitor, eat and drink every hour. However, urinating each hour is the best practice.

11. Dress right for the Heat

When you run in summer, it is essential to wear light clothes. However, you need to choose a suitable fabric to observe the sweat. No doubt, sweat-wicking materials are the best they can move moisture away from your skin to the outside of your clothing. On the other hand, loose clothing can also exchange air and steam into your body.

12. Swim with your Mouth Closed

The first thing you need to focus on is closing your Mouth when swimming. Because summer is also peak time for waterborne illnesses. However, water illness occurs when swimmers directly contact contaminated water and germ are swallowed or inhaled via water mist. Sometimes chlorine and urine mix in pool water, which can harm your eyes and body overall.

13. Use of Bug Spray to Avoid Summer Workout Dangers

Mosquito and tick-borne illnesses are on the rise, so if the area where you are exercising is buggy. You must be cautious and use safety spray.

14. Stay away from the Pool when Sick or Injured

Swimming laps is an effective way to remain calm and relaxed while getting exercise. But it is not such a great idea if you are not feeling best. However, a heat-based environment like saunas can breed bacteria and fungi faster. No doubt, in the excellent pool, viruses and other bacteria can happily swim around with you. That is the main reason for flu and cold. If your immune system is down, you will be infected.

15. Do not forget to Cool Down to Avoid Summer Workout Dangers

Firstly, you need to properly cool down after workouts in the summer season. The best time to stretch is really after exercise. However, blood flowing, tissues are more pliable, and the stretch is uncomfortable. Make sure you do static stretches to help increase your flexibility. For the long run and slow heart rate down. It means less tightness and soreness after exercise because it can enable the lactic acid movement out of the muscle tissue.

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