9 High-Fat, Low-Carbs Cheeses for Keto Dieters

There are some kinds of cheeses with a low carb for keto dieters. While the keto weight loss program has many restrictions and is challenging to follow for everyone. However, all cheeses are not as fatty as people think. So today, we are providing keto-suited cheeses for you. On the other hand, some people do yoga and never concentrate on their diet.

There are some Low-Carb Cheeses details for Keto Dieters:

1. Parmesan Cheese for Keto Dieters

Fat: 7g per ounce
Carbs: 1g per ounce*

First, Parmesan Cheese is perfect for adding a saltish and nutty flavor to food. Basically, Parmigiano-Reggiano is created in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, and Mantua. However, Caesar salads and Parmesan cheese play a significant role in the keto diet. It can also be used as a salad topper or a midday snack with vegetables and meat. In fact, 1 tablespoon includes 1.4g of fat, 0.7g of carbs, and 1.4g of protein which contains 21 calories.

2. Feta Cheese

Fat: 7g per ounce
Carbs: 3g per ounce*

Basically, Feta cheese has been used in Greek since the early 20th century. Firstly, feta cheese has low fats than other kinds of cheese. It also provides you with an excellent source of calcium and protein and a high amount of sodium. Secondly, it is suitable for keto dieters. In fact, it contains 7g of fat and 3g of carb in 1 ounce. Usually, feta cheese is used in salads or soup toppings because of its crumbly texture. It uses olive oil and a standalone dish in many places, which is delicious.

3. Cream Cheese

Fat: 9g per ounce
Carbs: 2g per ounce*

Undoubtedly, Cream Cheese is favorite for the keto loss programs. However, Cream Cheese has first produced in New York and Philadephia dairy farmers in the mid 18th century. Secondly, with 9g of fat and 2g of carbs per ounce. That means it is good to add to a meal or snacks when you need more fat. In addition, it has well cultured with bacteria which makes a probiotic-rich cream.

4. Halloumi Cheese for Keto Dieters

Fat: 9g of fat per ounce
Carbs: 0g carbs per ounce*

Firstly, Halloumi cheese originated in Cyprus and is highly used in Greece and East Europe. Secondly, Halloumi is garnished with mint leaves which help it to preserve more. Finally, thanks to Halloumi’s high melting point, it’s recurrently loved grilled or fried. However, this cheese is ideal for keto dieters. It contains 9g of fats and 0g of carbs per ounce. In addition, it provides a colossal source of protein, with 7g for every 1 ounce.

5. Goat Cheese for Keto Dieters

Fat: 9g per ounce
Carbs: 0g per ounce*

Goat cheese is typically used in France. It has zero carbs and high saturated fat. It is also known as “Chèvre” in France. Firstly, Goat cheese doesn’t have carbohydrates and 8g of fat, 0 carbs, and 6g of protein per once. In addition, Goat cheese is made from goat milk, and it contains less lactose and protein. Furthermore, the benefit of goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk. Finally, this should be an excellent choice for Keto Dieters.

6. Brie Cheese

Fat: 8g per ounce
Carbs: 0.1g per ounce*

Traditionally, Brie Cheese was used in France. No doubt, it is excellent for Keto Dieters. The good thing about Brie Cheese is it is simple and easy to make. Just you need a microwave and some parchment paper. Cut parchment paper into small pieces and bake them in the microwave for 2 minutes. When they start turning brown, your Brie Cheese is ready to eat. It contains 8g of fat and 0.1g of carbs per ounce. Finally, it is a good choice if you do the Keto Weight Loss program. These would be great on a salad.

7. Swiss Cheese

Fat: 9g per ounce
Carbs: 0g per ounce*

Swiss cheese is referred to as Emmental cheese in Europe because it was made by the Swiss. However, Swiss Cheese isn’t used in sandwiches, but it can be used in salads or deli meat for a quick snack. The good thing of it is processed without harmful ingredients. All ingredients are keto-friendly, like highly refined oils and food additives. It contains 9g of fat and 0g of carbs. This should be an excellent choice for Keto Dieters because it has healthy fats which can burn clean fuel while on the keto diet.

8. Mozzarella (Buffalo Milk)

Fat: 6g per ounce
Carbs: 1g per ounce*

Mozzarella made from buffalo milk and first time, made in Italy. No doubt, it is totally different from all other cheeses. However, fresh Mozzarella Cheese is much better for Keto Dieters because it has 6g of fat and almost 1g of carbs per ounce. On the other hand, fresh and traditional hard Mozzarella are 2 totally different things. He most favorite cheese worldwide is Mozzarella. Finally, it is essential to use it the right way. Using it with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar could have better results for keto.

9. Gruyere Cheese

Fat: 9g per ounce
Carbs: 0g per ounce*

Gruyere cheese is on debatable yet. Because Switzerland says firstly, we produced gruyere cheese, but Austria denied it. However, it should be an excellent choice of Keto Dieters because most fats come from a natural and minimally processed source like grass butter, olive oil, and medium-chain triglycerides, which can absorb in your bloodstream quickly. It contains 9g of fats and 0g of carbs and is suitable for the keto weight loss program. Finally, you can eat it with meats and greens.

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