Mental Health Amidst Covid-19 – How to Handle this Situation

Mental Health amidst COVID-19

A disease named COVID-19 or Corona Virus has emerged before the beginning of 2020. It started deteriorating both physical and mental health.  It affected millions of people within the first few weeks of its outbreak. WHO declared it a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, due to its worldwide spread.

Moreover, the WHO issued a guideline to take preventive measures both physically and psychologically. The most important thing is to take precautions and proper medical treatment. Both physical and mental health is affected by such pandemics. So, seeking psychological help is also vital for patients.

Coronavirus has affected the mental health of patients and their relatives. It is essential to have a sound mind in emergency situations. One cannot fight such tough times if one is not mentally fit. The diseased person can become healthy with medical attention. But effects on mental health can only be reversed if addressed timely.


Mental health

Mental health includes our emotional and psychological well-being. It also has our social behavior. It shows how we handle stressful situations. Mental health is essential in every stage of life, whether you are a kid or an adult. Corona Virus disease has an impact on the psychological health of every person.

The fear of death is worst of all. The diseased person and his family have a fear of losing a life. It causes a psychological disturbance. And you become vulnerable to diseases.

The economic system has drastically shattered, and many people are facing financial crises. They are losing their jobs due to the recession. All these things aid in emotional disturbance. Despite the fact, there are 98% chances of recovering from Corona. However, all this stress further deteriorates the physiology of a person. It weakens your immunity, and you become more susceptible to diseases.

On the other hand, students are at their homes, like schools, colleges, and universities are closed. On the other hand, Adults are unable to go to their jobs. Everything has shut down. Finally, the social system is at a halt. All the entertainment of people is now limited to their homes. So you stress out when you watch the news or see social media feed about COVID-19.

How to Handle this Stressful situation?

1. Dress up, as you usually would, so you feel fresh.

2. Do your hair/makeup, even if you are not going anywhere. It will help you to feel normal in such a chaotic situation.

3. Eat a variety of new healthy recipes. It uplifts your mood and keeps your body healthy.

4. Get some fresh air, but stepping out is not a good idea. Walk around your lawn or just stands across the window to feel the fresh air.

5. Be creative, do something new or bring back your old hobbies. It keeps your spirit up and your mind relaxed.

6. Unplug, everywhere everyone is talking about the virus. Turn off your devices and spend some Quality Time with yourself.

7. Stay Connected, as we cannot go out for visiting. Make sure to stay connected with your loved ones. The right way is video chatting or just a phone call. It will make you feel less isolated.

8. Mental health is always important, but in times like these, it is more important. Reach out if you need to, and remember to check in on your family and friends. Do not stress out. We are all in this together.

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