Amber Heard admits she ‘hit’ Johnny Depp in secretly-recorded audio clip

Amber Heard admits she ‘hit’ Johnny Depp in the secretly-recorded audio clip

The tape was offered to the courtroom by Johnny Depp‘s camp to reply to Amber Heard’s statements.

A recording of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp‘s struggle was performed in a British courtroom on Monday the place the previously admitted to ‘hitting’ her ex-husband.

The audio was secretly recorded by the Pirates of the Caribbean star after he struggles with Heard the place she was known as him a “child” and goes on to admit, “I’ll hit you.”

The tape was offered to the courtroom by Depp’s camp to reply to Heard’s statements in a courtroom of her ‘by no means’ inflicting physical violence on Depp.

Within the recording, Depp might be heard insisting that his ex-wife had punched him with a “closed fist”, with Heard responding by saying: “That’s the distinction between me and also you. You’re a child. You might be such a child. Develop the up, Johnny.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t hit you throughout the face in a correct slap. However, I used to be hitting you, it was not punching you,” she might be heard saying.

“I didn’t deck you. I used to be hitting you. Babe, you’re not punched,” she provides.

“I don’t know what the movement of my precise hand was. However you’re advantageous, I didn’t harm you, I didn’t punch you, I used to be hitting you. I can’t promise you I gained get bodily once more,” she confessed.

Depp will also be heard saying at one level within the tape: “I left the final evening. Actually, I swear to you, as a result of I simply couldn’t take the concept of extra physicality, extra bodily abuse on one another.”

“As a result of had we continued it, it might have gotten unhealthy. And child, I advised you this as soon as. I’m scared to demise we’re a criminal offense scene proper now,” Depp provides.

“I did begin bodily fights, sure, so you probably did the proper factor,” stated Heard.

“What’s your excuse when there’s no real struggle … and you continue to run away? You may nonetheless name me names. You’re a hypocrite, you’re a child. If they offer a style of it to you, you lose it, however, but you dish it out,” she went on to say within the audio clip.

Depp responds saying: “If issues get bodily, now we have to separate. We’ve got to be other than each other.”

“Whether or not it’s for an hour or 10 hours or a day. We should. There might be no bodily violence in the direction of one another. … So that we don’t kill one another or worse, you already know, actually, kill one another or [expletive] break up or no matter,” he provides.

On Monday, Heard testified for the first time on the witness stand saying she had solely “thrown” issues at Depp to “escape” bodily and psychological abuse by the hands of her then-husband.

“Once I felt my life was threatened, I attempted to defend myself, and that began to occur years into the connection, years into the violence. Earlier than that, I didn’t even attempt to defend myself, I simply checked out,” Heard advised the courtroom.

In keeping with Heard, the “very jealous” actor thought-about almost all of her male co-stars a “s*xual risk” in a press release filed as a part of his explosive libel case in London.

“He accused me of getting affairs with every one of my co-stars, film after film: Eddie Redmayne, James Franco, Jim Sturgess, Kevin Costner, Liam Hemsworth, Billy-Bob Thornton, Channing Tatum; even ladies co-stars like Kelli Garner,” she stated.

The Aquaman actress additionally claimed that Depp went on to accuse her of dishonest on him with DiCaprio as correctly, whom she had auditioned with for a job.

“He would taunt me about it — particularly when he was drunk or excessive — and had derogatory nicknames for each one in every one of my male co-stars he thought-about a s*xual risk,” she stated within the assertion.

“For instance, Leonardo DiCaprio was ‘pumpkin-head,’ Channing Tatum was ‘potato-head’ and ‘Jim Turd Sturgess.'”

“He would attempt to catch me out by taking my cellphone or telling me somebody had advised him I used to be having an affair and act as if he had data proving it — after I actually hadn’t,” Heard stated in her testimony.

Depp is suing British tabloid The Solar for calling him a “wife-beater” in a 2018-published article about Heard’s allegations of abuse towards him.


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