5 New Gadgets You Must Like

5 New Gadgets you must like and very useful and enjoyable if you use including, 3D Printing Drawing, TasteStick, Qoocam, HTC Re Camera and Cronzy Pen.

5 New Gadgets You Must Like

Cronzy Pen

Cronzy Pen is new device that can scan all colors and shades where you touch this pen.

  • It can change its ink by the same color its amazing science gadgets for painters and who love drawing.
  • Moreover, students can also use Cronzy Pen in school and college. Its has over 16 millions colors and can connect with mobile device.
  • Presently, so as to make a cool picture or compose a brilliant story, you don’t have to have lots of pens.
  • Moreover, You can filter any shading you like and re-make it in your journal, sketchbook and on the skin.
  • Point the pen at any item, a green leaf or a darker mug – and the ink shading will be equivalent to the filtered article.

For Buy: CRONZY PEN – https://goo.gl/Y2XdFb

HTC RE Waterproof Digital Camera

HTC re camera has many features and great new gadgets it can make video in water.

  • Ultra-Wide Angle Lens No need for a viewfinder. 146 degree ultra-wide view captures everything.
  • Grip Sensor No fumbling with the on/off switch. An automatic sensor detects your grip for instant-on use.
  • However, One-Button Control Tap for photos, press for videos.
  • Finally, Seamless control eliminates the need for a photo/video mode switch. On the other hand, form-fitting grip fits your hand naturally for distraction-free use.

For Buy : HTC RE CAMERA – https://amzn.to/2LlXAMR

QooCam Camera – New Gadgets

QooCam can shoot 4k 360° VR and 3D 180° video and photograph. Including Refocus, without shake, 120FPS, Time-pass, Live Streaming, And App Editor.

  • On account of its 4K with full sensor readout, you can record the critical minutes in incredible subtleties and make high caliber 360 recordings in a hurry.
  • Be that as it may, since you can just view the 360º video or photograph in the diverse field of view and not the entire picture.
  • However, the substance quality you’re viewing on the conventional estimated screen will be under 4K.
  • Remember your minutes as though you were there again with its astonishing recordings with a 180° wide edge.

For Buy: QooCam 3D Camera – https://goo.gl/1oPSJA

TasteStick – New Gadgets

World’s best salt container gives you certainty of getting impeccable taste, much the same as incredible culinary experts do + less sodium admission.

  • TasteStick can detect how much salt sustenance needs and consequently include salt.
  • Culinary specialists concur that the most ideal approach to season with salt is to appropriate littlest measures of salt uniformly over the sustenance.
  • However, Salt shakers, salt factories and utilizing fingers give you no real control and with each utilization you get irregular sums and diverse spreading zones.
  • Finally, TasteStick is the unrivaled salt dispenser that places you in real power over the sum and the spread zone.

For Buy: TasteStick – https://goo.gl/5cWeoh

3D Printing Drawing

Electric warming spout incorporated and minimized plan helpful for support and substitution.

  • It is lightweight in structure and has less demanding pace control than other 3D pens that are available.
  • Super silence design.
  • Adjustment by digital display.
  • It has a decent fitting plan for warmer and spout to help control the temperature.
  • Has a smart backup work so it won’t be a weight when not being utilized.

For Buy : 3D Printing Drawing Pen – https://bit.ly/2MNcj08

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