taylor swift album cruel summer

Taylor Swift song “Cruel Summer” top trending in Twitter

“This album was a whole magical beautiful experience, this album helped me a lot, thanks to the songs I could relate at that moment, the album and era were the best ever, Taylor was happy and everything was so cute.”

“Lover is the first album Taylor owns. And that’s such an important and beautiful thing. We didn’t get to see them all the Lover Fest shows (thx u corona) but we got a few performances and all of them were just perfect.”

#1YearOfLover The album is hated by some swifties, but I honestly don’t understand that. The lyrics, the outfits, the performances, the songs, the photoshoots, all that was amazing. And the most important thing, Taylor was SO DAMN HAPPY. Let’s appreciate some outfits I love.

I’ll say the last thing bc I know Taylor won’t see this but this is me trying.

@taylorswift13 THANK YOU, for making such an amazing album, thank you for always writing your own songs I think that way we have kind of a connection as fan and artist, just THANK YOU.

I can’t believe a lot of swifters shit on lover because of its lead single when it gave us cruel summer, Cornelia street, dbatc, false god, daylight, and afterglow #1YearOfLover.

I forgot that you existed, cruel summer, lover, the man, the archer, I think he knows, miss Americana & the heartbreak prince, paper rings, Cornelia street, death by a thousand cuts, London boy, soon you’ll get better, false god, you need to calm down, afterglow, me!

I Know Places deserved a music video This Love deserved a music video Getaway Car deserved a music video Afterglow deserved a music video Cruel summer deserved a music video August deserves a music video in conclusion every Taylor Swift song deserves a music video.

It actually upsets me so much that some of you think Lover is Taylor’s worst album when it features songs like Cornelia Street, False God, The Archer, Death By A Thousand Cuts, and Cruel Summer like… huh?

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